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Creating and Incubating a First-of-Its-Kind Blue Bank

Culp & Kelly and CK Blueshift co-created and are continuing to develop and incubate BlueCommons, a first-of-its-kind non-profit blue bank. BlueCommons seeks to mobilize public and private funding to resolve water management challenges and advance conservation and resilience in water-stressed basins, making the most of limited resources. BlueCommons develops revolving funds that deploy and recycle capital in support of new approaches to water conservation, watershed health, and infrastructure investment in the western U.S., initially focusing on the Colorado River Basin. These revolving funds support on-the-ground partners by: (1) advancing the cost of project development assistance, including up-front capital and technical support; (2) providing innovative financing to implement projects, increase access to public funding, and bring new water solutions to scale; and (3) creating and supporting monitoring and accounting practices that derive value from project water savings and other public benefits to develop new revenue streams for our partners.

For more information on BlueCommons please visit: