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Restoration of the Colorado River Delta in Mexico

Decades of dam development, increasing water use and altered river flows extensively damaged the once verdant and extensive Colorado River Delta in Mexico, reducing its ability to provide critical habitat for migratory birds and recreational opportunities for local communities.  Beginning in 2016, and building on prior work of founding partner Peter Culp, Culp & Kelly, provided legal representation and strategic advice to a binational coalition of conservation groups seeking to restore key Delta habitat in the context of Colorado River management.  Achievements include a 2017 binational agreement providing for continued water to flow to the river and restoration sites in the Delta, expansion of an innovative approach to working with farmers to provide water for restoration while improving their economic situation, and improved wildlife habitat in the Delta.  The Colorado River Delta restoration program is a much-touted feature of the U.S./Mexico border relationship and featured in many international conferences and publications as a groundbreaking example binational cooperation.

Clients for this work included National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, and the Colorado River Sustainability Campaign. More information about Colorado River Delta restoration can be found on National Audubon Society’s website.